Kids Artwork

My kids bring home so much artwork from school. I think they are amazingly talented, but I can’t keep it all! I don’t know where to put it.
A few years ago, I bought large plastic containers for each kid. The containers were going to store file folders to organize their artwork and other school papers I wanted to keep. I still think this is a great idea, but these plastic containers are now holding clothes my kids have outgrown. It’s the thought that counts, right?!
I’m still deciding if I want to buy more plastic containers or try something else. There are many options when it comes to organizing your child’s artwork. Here are some of the ideas I have been contemplating:

Oversized Accordion Style Art Portfolio by ALEX Toys
I saw this available on It has nine compartments to store the artwork. It seems like this option would take the least amount of effort to keep everything organized.

A Photo Book
Take a picture of the artwork. Upload the photos to a website such as Create a photo book to display their artwork.

Keepy App
I just found out about this app, and I already love it! You can upload photos of their artwork, or other photos of your child. You can organize them by child, date and category. There is also an option to add grandparents to the app, so they can view the photos, too.
Now, I need to just pick one! What do you do with all of your kids’ artwork?
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