Be sure to involve the whole family in spring cleaning sure to involve the whole family in spring cleaning

By Mandy Carter

Spring is usually the time to tackle some deep cleaning in your home. As a working mother, it is typically a challenge to set aside a large chunk of time to deep clean your home. The task of spring cleaning is a daunting one you shouldn’t have to tackle alone.

So, it’s time to get the whole family involved! Not only does it take some of the load off you, but it’s also a great way for your kids to learn about responsibility. Before you freak out about spring cleaning this year, spend some time planning it out so your kiddos can get in on all the action.

Steps for getting your family involved in spring cleaning

● Start by making a list of everything you want to have done. Get the family together, walk around your home, and write down everything that needs to be completed.

● Assign jobs. It may take some extra time to show your kids how some tasks are done, but consider this an investment in your children.

● Schedule cleaning time. Every day, set a time for your family to work on spring cleaning.

● Set deadlines for every task. Deadlines will keep everyone accountable and help them feel like they’re part of a team and stay motivated.

Including your entire family in this big cleaning task can make the job go faster while also creating memories. Most kids don’t want to help with household chores, so to make it fun and memorable, turn it into a game for your younger kids or offer a reward at the end for your older kids/teenagers. This will motivate them to want to participate more enthusiastically. And throw some music on! Music can make you feel good and distract you from mundane cleaning tasks. Studies also find it increases your productivity.

Now that everything’s getting a good deep clean, it’d be awesome to keep it that way. So this leads to the perfect time to set up a regular cleaning routine that will get your family involved in maintaining the Spring cleanliness!

Mandy Michelle Carter … Just a SWFL mom living the dream. She loves to inspire parents to spend authentic time with your kids and to chase your own dreams unapologetically! Found on Instagram @mandymcarter and her family blog at

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