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In an effort to bring the IMAG History & Science Center into the homes of many in Southwest Florida while the center is closed, the IMAG is currently providing IMAG@HOME online educational programming, instruction, and entertainment.  Focused on STEM education (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and local history education, IMAG@HOME is open online and free to students, parents, and kids of all ages with a broad range of programs that entertain and nurture intellectual curiosity and a desire to learn.  Think of IMAG@HOME as your “daily dose of history and science” in a new, fun digital way. 

on Facebook at: IMAGHistoryScienceCenter, IMAG@HOME is receiving wide
acclaim and appreciation for programs like STEM @ Home segments, Meet
the Keeper
live animal encounters, Curator’s Corner history and
cultural presentations, Don’t Try This at Home programs, and Science
on a Sphere
shows.  Some recent comments from viewers include,
“Thank you so much for posting this,” by Sarah F. and “How amazing is this?!!!”
Jennifer C. stated while Stefanie I. texted, “Love this!”  Nicole S. also shared, “That is so neat! I need some of those (Makey Makey
inventor kits) for myself and my kiddos which I homeschooled before this virus.
I had my kids even watch this (program) and their jaw(s) dropped.”  

IMAG@HOME, moms, dads, and kids have engaging, exciting programs that are not
only educational but also fun; programs that include do-it-yourself
activities; live streams and pre-recorded shows; live interactive shows,
experiments, and demonstrations; and other fun things to do with kids at home.

Everyone is invited to join in on the fun of IMAG@HOME programming and activities on Facebook.  And while you are at it, visit the IMAG to get daily program schedules and additional information at

— familynews
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