Teaching your kids critical thinking, teamwork with unique vacation activity

https://www.leefamilynews.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/mandy-web-july-23-we-escaped.jpghttps://www.leefamilynews.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/mandy-web-july-23-we-escaped.jpghttps://www.leefamilynews.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/mandy-web-july-23-we-escaped.jpgTeaching your kids critical thinking, teamwork with unique vacation activity

By Mandy Carter

Family vacations can be an excellent way for kids to learn new things and develop new skills without even realizing it. Kids naturally learn when they are engaged in a fun and exciting way. I love taking my kids to Escape Rooms to challenge their thinking skills while we enjoy fun family time together. We recently took a road trip to Key Largo. I was looking for things to do with kids and discovered Kingdom Escape Room.

We signed up for Blamsfar’s Basement Quest because, with kids, I wanted to pick one that we had a reasonable likelihood of escaping, and this game was rated a 5/10 for difficulty and an 84% escape rate—seemed like decent odds for two intelligent adults with three quick-thinking preteens.

Before the game started, we had to break into two groups – so we chose to divide by boys versus girls. Then the quest leader took us to the dungeon, locking us in separate jail-like spaces. Then the time clock started, and the game began! Immediately we had to work together from our different dungeon cells to search for things that might have meaning. Ultimately it took clues from both cells and us working together to unlock one cell first and then get the others out. Once out of the cells, we had to solve numerous riddles and piece together clues to find the key that allowed us to escape the castle’s basement.

The kids had to communicate and work with us at a face pace to beat the clock because we all are competitive and wanted to make sure we escaped in the allotted time. We had to delegate tasks and collectively solve multiple problems with a sense of urgency. This escape game, in particular, required everyone to be equally involved because it would have been impossible for just one or two to do it all. It’s incredible how one game can do so much for the development of critical thinking while also having a lot of fun. We did a great job. No one got mad or felt left out, and we managed to escape with 12 minutes to spare. A fun family accomplishment while vacationing in the Florida Keys.

Challenge your kids with an exciting family activity this summer by taking them to an escape room!

And the next time you are in the Florida Keys, I suggest spending an hour testing your skills at Kingdom Escape Games at 102670 Overseas Hwy., Key Largo.    kingdomescape.com

Mandy Michelle Carter … Just a SWFL mom living the dream. She loves to inspire parents to spend authentic time with your kids and to chase your own dreams unapologetically! Found on Instagram @mandymcarter and her family blog at Acupful.com.

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