Five inexpensive ways to have summer fun with your kids inexpensive ways to have summer fun with your kids

By Mandy Carter

School is out, so summer break is here, and with it comes the promise of long sunny days and boundless opportunities for adventure. As parents, this is the perfect time to make memories with our little ones that will last a lifetime. But it doesn’t require a hefty price tag to have some awesome summer adventures.

Here are five activities that will have both you and your kids eagerly anticipating the season ahead without reaching into you wallet.

1. Picnics in the Park: Pack a basket with treats, grab a blanket, and head to your nearest park for a picnic.

2. Water Days: Beat the heat with some refreshing water fun! Set up some sprinklers and water toys in your backyard, organize a water balloon fight, meet up with friends at the community pool or visit a nearby beach!

3. Camping Adventures: Pitch a tent in your backyard or venture out to a nearby campground for a night under the stars. Roast marshmallows over a fire,, tell spooky stories, and embrace the magic of sleeping in the great outdoors.

4. Bike Rides and Nature Trails: Explore the beauty of your surroundings. Take family bike rides or hikes along scenic trails.

5. Go Geocaching: This is a fun family-friendly way to explore the outdoors. While exploring for these hidden places, you’ll likely find toys and trinkets for your little geocachers to enjoy.

Mandy Michelle Carter … Just a SWFL mom living the dream. She loves to inspire parents to spend authentic time with your kids and to chase your own dreams unapologetically! Found on Instagram @mandymcarter and her family blog at

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