PPC: With our deepest gratitude

https://www.leefamilynews.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/family-walks-in-park-web.jpgPPC: With our deepest gratitude

By Mary Yankaskas

MD Managing Physician

2022 has been another eventful year, especially since the end of September. As we recover from Hurricane Ian, we recognize that Physicians’ Primary Care of SWFL has much to be grateful for this holiday season. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we want to share our appreciation with those around us who have made such a difference in the community we all live.

We are thankful to our patients who have adapted with us as things were changing rapidly in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. You continued to stay patient and remained by our side throughout this challenging recovery process. The kindness and flexibility from our patients lift our spirits, especially when our physicians and staff work hard to care for not just PPC’s needs but their own families.

We are thankful for our staff, who continue to work tirelessly to keep PPC running smoothly, no matter the challenges. Our team quickly responded to our community and practice. They worked hard to open all but one of our locations. Unfortunately, our Pediatrics office in San Carlos Park is the only office that remains closed until further notice. We cannot operate without such a fantastic group of people who make PPC what it is today.

We cannot forget our Southwest Florida community during this time. PPC will do anything within our power to assist our patients, staff, and the SWFL community in uniting and recovering, especially after such a destructive event. The outside support from family, friends, and strangers has also been outstanding. We are thankful to be a part of it, despite the adversities we may face today.

Please take care of your health as we pick up the pieces and move forward into a new year together. Stay #SWFLStrong.

Dr. Mary Yankaskas is the managing physician of Physicians’ Primary Care of Southwest Florida with offices throughout Lee County, specializing in family medicine, pediatrics and internal medicine.  www.ppcswfl.com

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