Pumpkin Decorating


It’s that time of the year again…Fall! It’s time for going to pumpkin patches, hayrides, drinking apple cider and pumpkin spice everything.

One thing I am not a huge fan of is pumpkin carving. It’s gooey, messy and my husband ends up doing most of the work. I love going to pumpkin patches, mostly for the donuts, but also to pick out the perfect pumpkins. Every year, I procrastinate when it comes down to actually carving them. We usually end up getting to it the night before Halloween because I have put it off for so long. I was looking for some alternatives to pumpkin carving and I found a lot of neat ideas.

Painting your pumpkins is one option. You can paint it all one color, add designs, or paint on faces or characters. If your artistic abilities are similar to mine, a stencil will be helpful.

Another idea is decorative duct tape. There are so many designs out there. It’s a cheap and easy way to decorate. Cut strips of duct tape, and tape from the stem to the base. Go around the pumpkin applying the strips of duct tape; and you have a decorated pumpkin.

My personal favorite is a bedazzled pumpkin. There are many options including glitter, sequins, rhinestones, gemstones and jewels. Make those pumpkins sparkle!

After purchasing all the supplies to decorate our pumpkins, my oldest daughter informed me she wants to bake the pumpkin seeds this year since we forgot last year. In fact, she has several recipes she would like to try. Guess who will be carving pumpkins!

I want to see your pumpkins! Post pics of your decorated or carved pumpkins in the comment section!

Happy decorating (or carving)!

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